We are pro-active & responsive multisector interior contractor

Vadan is proactive and we adapt ourselves as per the sector to provide specialised services that address to the specific needs of our clients. 
The Vadan team is responsive and client oriented. To ensure high quality execution, Vadan services include Value Engineering, Speciality Supervision, Project Management, Design Assistance, Technical Engineering, Direct Sourcing etc. 

"Every   project   requirement   is   different...
Of   course   our   experience   counts,   but   we   also   have   to   be
innovative.   The   nuances   in   expectations   change   –   a   premium
residence   owner’s   expectation   is   very   different   from   a
corporate   office   fit-out,   and   we   are   masters   in   that.”

The Vadan Approach to Project Management

Before starting the project, we have a meeting with the Client, Architect, and the PMC to develop a deeper understanding of the clients objectives, and architects design vision. 
Then Vadan team works done with internal experts in the specified disciplines, focus on delivering value to the project as per Vadans vast experience of more than 25 years. 
Seamless planning with vendor deliveries ensure that the project is executed on time with quality delivered. Constant coordination with Architects and PMCs ensures that the execution is as per the design. 
A proper escalation system ensures that the quality is maintained at every step.
Sourcing of material directly with quality vendors who deliver on time helps us to manage a lean and efficient inventory and help us deliver a effective quality finish at a lower cost.
Our state of the art factory allows us to deliver a perfectly finished product of internationally bench-marked quality.