Discover the Incredible Story of Vadan

Our founder, when he was working as an apprentice, his mentor, a Parsee gentleman, looking at his passion for perfection and an eye for detail said, “Ganesh, you have to start on your own… Remain faithful to your trade, and one day you will become a big contractor known for his quality delivery.”
And this was the impetus for Vadan. 

Vadan – the face of perfection…

Today Vadan has bloomed into a group with business interests across sectors with the same DNA of perfection and ethics in every venture.

How we earn Our laurels

The Vadan Group has been working in sectors like Corporate Interiors, Luxury Residences, Hospitality, Premium Resorts, Auditoriums, Retail, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Stadiums, Hospitals, and more…

Vadan has been the benchmark in quality finishing across various sectors.

Corporate Offices
Retail Sector
Research Labs